Friday, 30 June 2017

Women - Be Bold for the Changes

Hi Friends,

Writting the content shared with the results of the contest I conducted in my Workplace as part of International Women's day 2017 in this Blog.

Theme for International Women’s day 2017 : BeBoldForChange

Contest 1 : Capture a Hard Working Woman

1)      Photograph By : Priyanka Thakur
My Mother- Ragini Thakur

She is one of the hard working woman. She is a teacher and a  house wife. She takes care of our village house and land . I took this pic last year during Holi celebration(March, 2016).
I  have met her the day I born and every day I am in touch with her

Comments : Initially I felt disgust on seeing this photo, But truth is every mom will feel energetic to serve the people in their Family and will be boosted to work more if they are Happy

2)      Photograph By : Anand Bhat
She is working (for herself & Family) with the wastes which we throw away…

Comments : We should respect & help such people who works for the Society, should not underestimate them for their Profession

Contest 2 : Women You admired the Most
Emotionally written By  : Priyanka Thakur
Heroines whom Admired/Motivated : My Grand- Grandmother and my own Grandmother.

These two ladies have more impact on my thoughts .First I want to say , they are not among us anymore .But still they are powerful women.

My Grand –Grandmother-named Ram Keshar Devi.

She lost her Husband when her eldest son was 11 years old, my grandfather. She was mother of two son and one daughter. Regarding her education field I would  like to project ‘ she was 5th standard pass .One day I asked her why she didn’t study more ,she told the reason British demolished her village school  so she hadn’t study after 5th class . After losing her husband at very young age. She had to fight with the society and our relatives in order to survive. All relatives were in chance to acquire the agricultural land which my grand -grandfather had. Now my “Budhi dadi” we used to call her, had only  two ways to survive among greedy people .Either she had to sell her land or she had to give them. But what decision she took was powerful. She left the village where we were originally belong  and came to  a new place. She sold her all jewellery  and survived and meanwhile she had always an eye on our lands .She didn’t give anything to anyone. She fought for her all rights . She made my grandfather a very responsible son . It’s all her blessing that we are up to this.

My own grand ma-named Radhika Devi

My” dadi”, she married my dada when she was 16.She was one of the most beautiful lady of her time. Lots of village dadas ”old people” were  behind her. She had  the best and funniest  character always. A girl with good luck. After she entered in our family everything changes. More  prosperous, more fun more development. She completed her studies after marriage and became teacher. She gave us lesson to stay happy and get whatever you want. She was an open mind lady , better I can say ‘Modern dadi”.She always loved her granddaughters more than grandsons and  loved  daughter-in -law more than her  own sons. Regarding education she was very strict . I still remember her words which she told us. 1)If you love someone truly don’t  leave him/her.2) Fight for your needs and rights.3)You are daughter but you are never less than less.

I always miss them but still both are alive in me.

Comments : Let’s start celebrating the Women among us & learn from them (Can be Grand Mother/Mother/Wife/Daughter/Mom-in Law/Friend/Daughter in Law/Colleague/Neighbor/Maid/any Women we meet in society) and make this society a Safe & Joyful Place to Live for everyone in a Family….

ஏட்டையும் பெண்கள் தொடுவது தீமையென்
றெண்ணி யிருந்தவர் மாய்ந்துவிட்டார்
வீட்டுக்குள்ளே பெண்ணைப் பூட்டிவைப்போ மென்ற
விந்தை மனிதர் தலைகவிழ்ந்தார்

Those who thought it is evil,
even if women touches the books, are extinct.
The strange people who proposed,
to keep women locked up at home, are ashamed.

வேதம் படைக்கவும் நீதிகள் செய்யவும்
வேண்டி வந்தோமென்று கும்மியடி
சாதம் படைக்கவும் செய்திடு வோம்தெய்வச்
சாதி படைக்கவும் செய்திடுவோம்

Clap and rejoice! For we came wantonly
to create laws and make regulations.
We would prepare food as well as
prepare a race with divine nature.

Come On Women...Lets Be Bold enough for the Changes and Be Empowered ...Lets together (Men&Women) work on stopping the abuses in our Society..