Friday, 30 June 2017

Women - Be Bold for the Changes

Hi Friends,

Writting the content shared with the results of the contest I conducted in my Workplace as part of International Women's day 2017 in this Blog.

Theme for International Women’s day 2017 : BeBoldForChange

Contest 1 : Capture a Hard Working Woman

1)      Photograph By : Priyanka Thakur
My Mother- Ragini Thakur

She is one of the hard working woman. She is a teacher and a  house wife. She takes care of our village house and land . I took this pic last year during Holi celebration(March, 2016).
I  have met her the day I born and every day I am in touch with her

Comments : Initially I felt disgust on seeing this photo, But truth is every mom will feel energetic to serve the people in their Family and will be boosted to work more if they are Happy

2)      Photograph By : Anand Bhat
She is working (for herself & Family) with the wastes which we throw away…

Comments : We should respect & help such people who works for the Society, should not underestimate them for their Profession

Contest 2 : Women You admired the Most
Emotionally written By  : Priyanka Thakur
Heroines whom Admired/Motivated : My Grand- Grandmother and my own Grandmother.

These two ladies have more impact on my thoughts .First I want to say , they are not among us anymore .But still they are powerful women.

My Grand –Grandmother-named Ram Keshar Devi.

She lost her Husband when her eldest son was 11 years old, my grandfather. She was mother of two son and one daughter. Regarding her education field I would  like to project ‘ she was 5th standard pass .One day I asked her why she didn’t study more ,she told the reason British demolished her village school  so she hadn’t study after 5th class . After losing her husband at very young age. She had to fight with the society and our relatives in order to survive. All relatives were in chance to acquire the agricultural land which my grand -grandfather had. Now my “Budhi dadi” we used to call her, had only  two ways to survive among greedy people .Either she had to sell her land or she had to give them. But what decision she took was powerful. She left the village where we were originally belong  and came to  a new place. She sold her all jewellery  and survived and meanwhile she had always an eye on our lands .She didn’t give anything to anyone. She fought for her all rights . She made my grandfather a very responsible son . It’s all her blessing that we are up to this.

My own grand ma-named Radhika Devi

My” dadi”, she married my dada when she was 16.She was one of the most beautiful lady of her time. Lots of village dadas ”old people” were  behind her. She had  the best and funniest  character always. A girl with good luck. After she entered in our family everything changes. More  prosperous, more fun more development. She completed her studies after marriage and became teacher. She gave us lesson to stay happy and get whatever you want. She was an open mind lady , better I can say ‘Modern dadi”.She always loved her granddaughters more than grandsons and  loved  daughter-in -law more than her  own sons. Regarding education she was very strict . I still remember her words which she told us. 1)If you love someone truly don’t  leave him/her.2) Fight for your needs and rights.3)You are daughter but you are never less than less.

I always miss them but still both are alive in me.

Comments : Let’s start celebrating the Women among us & learn from them (Can be Grand Mother/Mother/Wife/Daughter/Mom-in Law/Friend/Daughter in Law/Colleague/Neighbor/Maid/any Women we meet in society) and make this society a Safe & Joyful Place to Live for everyone in a Family….

ஏட்டையும் பெண்கள் தொடுவது தீமையென்
றெண்ணி யிருந்தவர் மாய்ந்துவிட்டார்
வீட்டுக்குள்ளே பெண்ணைப் பூட்டிவைப்போ மென்ற
விந்தை மனிதர் தலைகவிழ்ந்தார்

Those who thought it is evil,
even if women touches the books, are extinct.
The strange people who proposed,
to keep women locked up at home, are ashamed.

வேதம் படைக்கவும் நீதிகள் செய்யவும்
வேண்டி வந்தோமென்று கும்மியடி
சாதம் படைக்கவும் செய்திடு வோம்தெய்வச்
சாதி படைக்கவும் செய்திடுவோம்

Clap and rejoice! For we came wantonly
to create laws and make regulations.
We would prepare food as well as
prepare a race with divine nature.

Come On Women...Lets Be Bold enough for the Changes and Be Empowered ...Lets together (Men&Women) work on stopping the abuses in our Society..

Friday, 16 December 2016


Dec 12,2016 : 8 AM – Not sure why I have started to Office even after the dreadful warnings and  announcements regarding the Cyclone which is going to shatter Chennai, when I have many loved ones who only I can take care and this ironically is inclusive of my own self.
Probably I had over confidence that nothing ever would harm me or my loved ones.
Dec 12,2016 : 8:45AM –There was not much of panic and chaos in reaching office except for the slight drizzles and the cold umbrella deforming breeze which indeed made the day more beautiful.
Dec 12,2016 : 9 to 11:49AM – Trepidation started to spread inside the office atmosphere as Vardah was getting stronger and starting to daunt the city. My colleagues and I were anxiously enjoying the howling of Vardah through the glass windows.
Dec 12,2016 : 11:50AM –  It was until I received a call from home stating that my plants are being reckoned by Vardah, that I wanted to remain safe indoors. This was really when I regretted that I should have stayed home to safeguard my little saplings and plants.
Dec 12,2016 : 12:10PM – Exactly now, Vardah has started to become catastrophic, blowing the entire Chennai with her roars and howls. But I nevertheless booked a cab with just one thought in my mind “I need to protect my garden.” No, they were not just plants but my passion and efforts for nearly a couple of years.
Dec 12,2016 : 12:15PM – I still do not understand who gave me the confidence and faith, that I can fight the deadly winds and reach home to preserve my plants. The best part is, without the least panic about Vardah, I was creating a rescue plan in mind for my garden.
Dec 12,2016 : 12:50PM – Miraculously reached home without much of threatening impediments or rather I cared the least about it. While my whole family was anxiously waiting for my safe arrival, all I did was to throw my handbag at the entrance of my house and run to the terrace like a mother waiting to see her abandoned child.
Dec 12,2016 : 12:50 to 1:55PM –  I saw all my plants fluttering to and fro to fight against the aggressive Vardah. I felt that all of them had got a strong hope that I would definitely save them. With Rich Faith, got to the grounds and put in all my might to save my plants as fast as I could.
I have replaced around 70 planters (Includes Grow Bags, Cement Pots, Plastic Pots..), Among that around 45 to next floor under Water Tank.I had to bend and walk with the heavy pots to stash a few of them under the water tank. The fact is that, the amount of work I have done for the past 10 years wouldn’t cumulatively account to the 50% of the hard work I invested in saving my garden that day
With Hope I prayed God to give me more strength that I should complete, because all my pains and efforts would go in vain if I don’t succeed in atleast trying to save all of them.
It was not a tough job for the devastating Vardah, which broke even steel buildings, to ward off me from doing my job. I was indeed very tiring to fight against the winds and redeem my plants. But at the very moment I saw my plants combat the fatal winds and Vardah encroaching my garden slowly, I regrouped all the courage to get back to work right from the place where I left.
After the tremendous and tiring battle I shifted all plants except 2 trees which were too heavy to be carried. All I could do for them is to pray God earnestly to save them and help them remain fruitful.
It was then when my long Agathi Keerai plant was whipping me at my back because of the heavy winds, I could literally hear her accusing me “ Why were you so late in saving us?!”
The sad part of this is that despite my efforts, I couldn’t succeed in saving a few of my favorite plants which couldn’t withstand the wrath of Vardah. A few among that are the bitter guard plant which gave us its benefits on just the previous day, the green chillies and Priandai(Adamant Creeper). But I made it a point I never wasted the smallest part of them and collected all the left overs from the plants, even though they are all dead!
One Cement Pot with Jasmine Plant was broken when I lifted it as being drenched heavily in rain… Somehow I saved it and able to understand the nature..It can easily adapt and live for years with little help..
Last but not the least the Guava tree proved her perseverance and sturdiness by giving Vardah, a strong fight and succeeded to stand upright. She fed us with her tasty fruits for the next few days.
I had noticed that I had got a few injuries in the arduous battle, which never pained until I accomplished the task.
Am 100% sure that the risk and pain it made is for the love I had for the plants and the efforts I invested in the past 2years, it undoubtedly not for the money I invested in them. (I have not thought even for a second about the investment part in that 1 hour of time)  

Vardah taught me a few things for life. Some of them are:
·         The love and dedication you have for doing things which you are passionate about, is enormous.
·         Only when people are passionate and have true love for something/someone, they will be ready to take risks to save the other. This I understood when I saw others at my house having the least pains in seeing my garden getting destroyed. I felt the pain along with my plants because they were not just plants but my efforts and endeavor.
·         That was the day when I really understood to some extent, the feelings of our Farmers during the disasters
·         I got this character from my dad who has such love and the zeal to complete a task especially when it includes heavy Physical Work… Thank u Appa for setting a living example.
In the midst of such a mixed Experience, I like to thank God
·         For My Hope, Safety, Stamina & Strength
·         For saving my Plants till that time
·         For the Love I had for my Garden
Bitter guard.. a Day before Vardah - Dec11,2016

Harvest on the Previous Day - Dec11,2016

Our Terrace Garden - Dec11,2016

Terrace during the fight - Dec12,2016

Unrequested Gifts from our Loved ones - Dec12,2016

2 Plants left & the damaged Bitter guard - Dec12,2016

Safeguarded Plants under stairs - Dec12,2016

Safeguarded Plants under water tank - Dec12,2016

Our loved ones are back to Terrace - Dec13,2016

We are the War with Vardah - Dec14,2016